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Next Stop… Fatherhood

And now for some happy news… Jen and I are expecting! Mum’s been the word around here (ha!) for the last few weeks but now that the first scan is out of the way we’re spreading the news!

She’s been doing great so far so keep your fingers crossed for us. Estimated due date is April 21st 2011 but time will tell.

More to follow!

The Bun - 12weeks

 The Baby Bottle Oh Baby! The Baby Bottle

Oh Baby!

ps – The whisky was picked up over Easter in Speyside for a special occasion and quickly became known as the ‘Baby Bottle’. Little did I know I’d be opening it so soon!


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Home Sweet Home

As part of Jen’s 30th Birthday Lollapalooza we spent just over a week at home visiting family and friends. It was truly great to see everyone!

Here are some photos from the week, more on Flickr of course:
Down on the Farm
Adam, Maria, and Family
Jen’s 30th Night Out

 Duran Family Photo 1  Happy Family
 Turkeys  Traci and Eileen
Jen and Sebastian Jen's 30th  019 What you lookin at?
 Jen's 30th  041  Jen's 30th  048
 Jen's 30th  032  Jen's 30th  030

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Jen, you’ve grown to be an amazing woman in your first 30 years and I can’t wait to spend the next 30+ with you. Love, dj

Strike a Pose

 Jen Jen Aquis Blue Marine Lobby

 Jen Jen Poolside

More photos from Crete

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Winter Walk

Photos from a recent stroll through the Beverley Westwood after an amazing snowfall. Full set on Flickr here.

Morning Stroll to the Westwood
Morning Stroll to the Westwood   Morning Stroll to the Westwood   Morning Stroll to the Westwood
Morning Stroll to the Westwood

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Happy 2010!

Some highlights from Christmas. Full set on Flickr here.

Christmas morning
Jen   Santa has arrived
First Snow!   Christmas Bokeh   Santa has arrived
First Snow!   Christmas Tree in the Window

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Marathon Memories

A big thanks to my wife Jen for this amazing frame on the 1 year anniversary of completing my first marathon.

Jen’s supported me every step of the way, from before the event and all the hours of training, during it in Odense with my parents, and now even a year later with this great gift (not to mention swimming lessons!). Thanks Bella! I couldn’t have done it without you. 🙂

Marathon Results Frame

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My simple advice to you…
If you like beer… and I mean good beer.
Get to Belgium… now.

Jen spoke at a conference in Brussels a week or so ago so a few of us decided to meet up there for a weekend of chocolates, frites, and of course, phenomenal belgium beer.

The beer there will knock your socks off so be sure to pace yourself.

After sampling the wares from a range of fine establishments, I can highly recommend three stops, each with their own distinct vibe.

First stop was Delirium Cafe (Official SiteTripAdvisor) in Brussels. Ideal for the younger crowd, Delirium serves the world famous Delirium Tremens and Delirium Nocturnum straight from the tap, not to mention dozens of others and over 2000 additional bottled beers from around the world.

For a slightly quieter night with close friends, we found Poechenellekelder (TripAdvisor) to be a great spot. With a very nice beer list, fine selection of small dishes and cheese plates for sharing, and reasonable prices, we were able to spend much of the first evening here.

Finally, for our day trip to Bruges, the famous ‘t Brugs Beertje (Official SiteTripAdvisor) can’t be missed. This friendly local has been featured in the Good Beer Guide – Belgium and attracts crowds from all over. It offers around 300 beers to choose from and quickly fills up so get there right when they open if you want a table. Daisy, the owner and barkeep made us feel right at home so we made quite an evening out of our visit!

As for the beers themselves, here is a short list of some we sampled, along with links to their ratings from RateBeer.com. Seriously. Superb. Stuff.

Photos follow. Full set on Flickr: Belgium
Cantillon Brewery
't Brugs Beertje - Maredsous   't Brugs Beertje, Val-Dieu Grand Cru
't Brugs Beertje - Golden Carolus   Poechenellekelder - Amazing Beers
Grand-Place   Bruges   Cathedral in Brussels
Poechenellekelder   Poechenellekelder

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