Baby Prediction Winners

With the official results now in it’s time to review the leader board for the baby prediction quiz! Well done Grandpa Henry with a score of 97/100 that was some good guessing!

Sex: 25pts for a correct guess
Date: Perfect guess = 50pts, 1 day off = 40pts, 2 days off = 35pts. Minus 3pts for each additional day off.
Weight: Perfect guess = 25pts. Minus 1 pt per ounce you are off.
The worst you could do in any given category was 0 pts, i.e., there were no negative scores.

PS – Don’t get the wrong idea… scoring was calculated automatically by Google Docs and published here with a couple clicks. This is not how I’m spending the majority of my time! 🙂


So… Decided I’d take Jen to her routine weekly OB appointment today at 3:15 only to learn 30 minutes later we’d be heading straight to the hospital.

The baby was breech and Jen was at 5cm so plans changed pretty quickly and she was booked in for a c-section.

Less than 2 hours later a beautiful baby girl was born!

Julianna Marie
Born 4/18/2011
7 lbs 13 oz
20 inches long


Baby Votes

Due to popular demand… here is what everyone voted for in the poll. Now we wait and see!

Baby Prediction Forecast

Well the votes are in and the survey closed so here’s what you all had to say about the Bump!

Total Votes: 49
Sex: It’s a dead heat with 51% voting boy and 49% voting girl.
Birthdate: The mean date was 4/16 skewed towards an early arrival by a number of voters. This gave a large standard deviation of +/- 12 days.
Weight: The predicted weight was 7lb 5oz +/- 11oz which seems reasonable.

Watch this space for the full scoop on the Bun’s arrival plus the official best guesser results. 🙂

Bump Prediction Quiz

Here are the results to date for our baby prediction quiz. Just 5 more weeks to go (officially) so get in your vote here: http://bit.ly/babyquiz

Next Stop… Fatherhood

And now for some happy news… Jen and I are expecting! Mum’s been the word around here (ha!) for the last few weeks but now that the first scan is out of the way we’re spreading the news!

She’s been doing great so far so keep your fingers crossed for us. Estimated due date is April 21st 2011 but time will tell.

More to follow!

The Bun - 12weeks

 The Baby Bottle Oh Baby! The Baby Bottle

Oh Baby!

ps – The whisky was picked up over Easter in Speyside for a special occasion and quickly became known as the ‘Baby Bottle’. Little did I know I’d be opening it so soon!

Difficult Decisions

Hospice medical care for dying patients
– Via The New Yorker

An absolutely gut wrenching story about the difficult decisions patients, families, and their physcians face, at end of life.